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Looking for an innovative, one of a kind, super comfy bed where your friend can rest and feel as light as a cloud? Maybe the beds you tried before were difficult to clean? Maybe you are looking for an all-ages solution, made of memory foam and so perfect for puppies/kittens and oldies alike. Have you ever thought how dangerous it is for a pet that likes to snuggle in the warmth of an electric blanket with visible cables? 

Domestic Beasts offers the FIRST ever cable free self-heating pet bed, made of exclusive fabric and super safe for your friend. The self-heating cushion is easily removable so that your pet can stay fresh during summer.

The dog bed arrived well packaged, it is excellent quality, the bed itself feels very solid and well made, the self heating pad is fastened with strong velcro this stops the pad moving, the pad is very soft, the cover on the bed zips off for washing. The base is non slip. The size of the bed is perfect for small dogs and puppies my jackapoo pup took to it straight away. The bed feels like it would give good support to the dogs body. In my opinion it is worth the price.

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